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Park Forest Elementary "From Mozart to Motown" Was A Huge Success!

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Recently Park Forest Elementary hosted a musical production to great acclaim. The following is the a message about the event from an LSU Music Professor:

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the "Mozart to Motown" performance yesterday at Park Forest Elementary Creative Sciences and Arts Magnet School. The students were beautifully prepared, poised, confident, and artistic. I loved the singing, dancing, and informational, historically accurate introductions to each number.  I have already shown a bunch of people around the LSU school of music some of the adorable video snippets I captured yesterday on my phone.  Please give the dance teacher my best congrats,too, I didn't get her name or email. I was in the back of the auditorium toward the cafeteria end of the room and I had a great opportunity to listen to all the audience comments. I know the parents were incredibly proud of the students and I was amazed at the turn-out, too. I think if this becomes a tradition you'll have to start having to perform this show at one of the big auditoriums at LSU just to have enough room!  This event is a stand-out example of what can be accomplished when a school comes together on a big project. I loved seeing all the classroom teachers helping out in the background by assisting with costumes, holding kids in their classrooms, leading them onstage, supporting and helping the children with speaking parts, etc. I wish that more people in the greater Baton Rouge community knew about the depth and quality of arts education and performances happening at some of our schools. I commend you for a wonderful and memorable day! Sincerely,Ann Marie Stanley

Ann Marie Stanley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Head of Music Education

257 Music and Dramatic Arts Bldg. School of Music Louisiana State University

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