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Sherwood Middle Presents "Yearbook" A heartwarming Musical

Theatregoers will revel in this inspiring play, filled with songs that will touch the hearts of everyone both watching and performing. Yearbook Reflections is a sensitive, upbeat musical about the will power, compassion and humor that you find in every school. Susan and Beth ask Jack and Eric to help move the boxes of hot-off-the-press yearbooks that have just arrived at their school. Between loads, they stop and flip through the pages of time, reflecting back on the year’s highlights. With the help of flashback scenes, we meet superstitious Debbie, who sings about her ”lucky” locker helping her get asked to the school dance. Written by Steven Fendrich with music and lyrics by Scott Deturk, this play is sure to delight. May 13th at 6PM at Independence Park. Tickets: $5 For more information contact Director Michael Russ at

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