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Media Arts

We live in a “media arts” centered world.

We know and learn about, and create our contemporary world through media arts communications and design formats. Our global culture has moved from text-dominant to multimedia-based modes of perceiving, knowing and communicating, and students should become versed in these processes and literacies for 21st Century competence and as participating and media savvy citizens. Furthermore, these tools and methods foster a powerful form of learning that is complex, connective, project-based and real world. Media arts students can apply core academic content in creating cultural products that are meaningful to students and purposeful to their communities.


Media Arts Education encompasses digital arts + interconnectivity across all aesthetic, artistic and academic elements, forms, contents, disciplines and domains, for the purposes of learning and creating. Media arts is intrinsically interdisciplinary, integrative, and student centered around their own culture and interests. Media arts products include: photography, graphics, music, video, animation, motion graphics, web design, interactive apps and game design; 3D products, architecture and environments; radio, TV, internet broadcasting; virtual and augmented reality and virtual worlds.

Media Arts Education

● Media Arts Education consists of a unique range of categories including imaging, moving image, sound, interactive and virtual, and their combinations

● Media Arts Education has unique aesthetics, principles, tools, processes and pedagogy ● Media Arts Education is relevant to young people, as it reflects the multimedia world they commonly experience

● Media Arts Education intrinsically incorporates 21st Century skills and knowledge

● Media Arts Literacies (e.g. media, technology, digital culture, aesthetic) are a vital necessity for all young people

● Media Arts Education fosters interaction with local and global communities, integration of arts and academics, inquiry into contemporary issues, and the ability to determine effective solutions in multimedia productions and virtual designs

● Media Arts Education, as a standards-based arts and design practice for learning and creating, is beneficial for all students and educational institutions

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